DCP 161: Paul Aitken on Aerial Drone Photography and Video

Paul Aitken
Paul Aitken

Paul Aitken of Ride Media and The Drone U. Paul is an expert drone pilot and aerial photographer and filmmaker. His aerial work includes a broad range of subject matter from water sports to high-end real estate. In this information packed episode Paul shares his expertise and practical tips for doing drone photography and video.

A lot of drone pilots who want to operate commercially are concerned about FAA regulations. Paul discusses some of the regulatory issues involving commercial drone usage.

Paul's passion for drone applications comes through clearly in this podcast episode... he talks about some of the exciting new beneficial applications of drones that go beyond video and photography.

Paul is Chief Pilot for Drone U – a vibrant community of like-minded people for insider access to interviews, reports, webinars, reviews, tips, tricks, business strategies and expert advice that will take you to the next level as a pilot, and enable you to turn your passion into profit.

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