DCP 157: Chris Weiher - Founder of Watch Me Work - A New Platform For Learning Digital Media Creation

Chris Weiher
Chris Weiher

Education has long been a recurring theme on the Digital Convergence Podcast. I’ve promoted a number of educational resources and events for digital media creators ranging from live events to on-demand learning. Lynda.com, Kelby, Groove3, macProVideo, Academy of Story Tellers, Shane’s Inner Circle for Digital Filmmakers, KRE8 University and CreativeLive are just a few examples. Webinars with screen sharing (using GoToWebinar or Google Hangouts) provide an interactive learning environment.

Today’s guest on the DCP brings a different approach to online learning for video professionals. Chris Weiher, founder of Watch Me Work, has created a platform that essentially allows you to watch and chat with creative professionals work. Watch Me Work recently took 3rd place out of 29 startups at the Atlanta Startup Riot - with many of the competing startups having a much longer start up track record than Watch Me Work.

In this episode I also take a few minutes to respond to feedback about the recently announced Canon XC10 4K camcorder. As expected, this camera has had a bit of a polarizing affect among pro video producers.

Kris Simmons and I got really busy over the last couple of weeks so we were not able to record a Video Business Success Coach segment. Don’t worry! We will be getting to together to record this week.

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