DCP 153: Ben Hess and Ted Setla on Crowdfunding Raising The TXT Generation

The importance passion projects have been mentioned several times throughout the years on the Digital Convergence Podcast. Where do ideas come from for creating a passion project? How do you fund your passion project?

Writer, director, producer Ben Hess
Writer, director, producer Ben Hess

Writer and director, Ben Hess, and director of photography and editor, Ted (Thaddeus) Setla, talk about their latest collaboration: a documentary based on a real sexting event that happened to Ted's young daughter. The documentary examines the emotional journey and potential consequences for the kids and family when inappropriate images are shared among friends at the age of 11.

Ben Hess is an award-winning producer, director, and writer. He has worked on hundreds of promotional videos, documentaries, commercials, and PSAs through his production company Bay Area Pictures and also for other leading production companies. Hess has produced several independent films, original series, and campaigns including Volunteer Nation and Voices Across America, and four narrative short films:The Kiss and House of Cups and award winning Doing Time and Juicy Peaches - Last Stop. Hess' short fiction and essays have appeared online with Humanthology and Medium.

DP and editor Ted (Thaddeus) Setla
DP and editor Ted (Thaddeus) Setla

Ted Setla is the Chief Storyteller and creative mind behind Setla Films. He has been developing content and social media strategies that help bridge cause and commerce for fortune 1000 companies. With over two decades of corporate communications and over 10 years working as a Cinematographer his attention to detail, camera motion, lighting and storytelling abilities help clients from Switzerland to San Francisco, from London to South Africa bring ideas to lens in an meaningful way. Ted is also the founder and moderator of a leading Facebook user group for Sony F5/F55 camera users.

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Mentioned In This Episode:

Raising The TXT Generation on Seed and Spark: http://www.seedandspark.com/studio/raising-txt-generation

Ben Hess's website: http://www.ben-hess.com

Ben Hess on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BenHess

Ted (Thaddeus) Setla's website: http://setla.com

Ted Setla on Twitter: https://twitter.com/setla

Sony F5/F55 Facebook User Group: https://www.facebook.com/SonyF5F55Users

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