DCP 148: Michael Cardillo - Sound Designer and Editor - Part 2

Michael Cardillo - Sound Designer

Michael Cardillo - Sound Designer

This is Part 2 of my interview with sound designer and editor, Michael Cardillo.

In this episode Michael continues to expound on the point that we should not always prioritize picture over sound. He talks about the hierarchy of sound–analogous to layers in Photoshop. Michael shares several audio tricks of the trade. He discusses the differences between editing and mixing. He explains why the audio edit should be longer than the video edit. He states that as a sound editor and mixer, you must listen and use your ears–you cannot just follow a set recipe. Michael explains why sound is important in controlling how the audience feels and how to accomplish that in your mix.

In the Video Business Success Coach segment of the podcast, Kris Simmons answers the question: Should you discount your prices for your video work?

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