DCP 146: Matt Thompson - Founder of SongFreedom

Matt Thompson - CEO and Founder of SongFreedom

Matt Thompson - CEO and Founder of SongFreedom

Matt Thompson - CEO and founder of SongFreedom - is featured in this episode of the Digital Convergence Podcast. SongFreedom works with all the major music labels as well as indie labels so that you can affordably license music your client may hear on the radio.

Matt covers the following points about SongFreedom:

  • How and why SongFreedom was created
  • How SongFreedom negotiates licensing with major and indie labels
  • SongFreedom licenses music you hear on the radio - including One Republic and Lady Gaga
  • Have a huge library of songs available
  • Search tools to help you find just the right song
  • What SongFreedom looks for in musicians who apply to license their music
  • Commission structure for contributing musicians
  • What's trending in music selection today
  • Understanding the complexities of music licensing for event and commercial applications

In the Video Business Success Coach segment, Kris Simmons talks about how adding the “Wow Factor” can help your client fall in love with you and possibly lead to more business.

Mentioned In This Episode:

SongFreedom's website

Video featuring music from SongFreedom:

Louis + Jeanna Wedding (on Vimeo) by Switzerfilm

Music licensed by www.songfreedom.com Artist - Mat Kearney Song - Count On Me

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