DCP 144: Justin DeMers - Academy of Storytellers by Story and Heart

Justin DeMers of Story and Heart
Justin DeMers of Story and Heart

Justin DeMers of Story and Heart talks to Carl Olson and guest co-host Ron Dawson in this episode of the Digital Convergence Podcast. Justin talks about a new education resource he and his team have launched for filmmakers: the Academy of Storytellers.

The Academy of Storytellers already has over 50 videos and webinars, with at least 8 or more new videos being released each month. Justin talks about why the Academy of Storytellers was created, what topics are covered, and the world class instructors who bring their professional experience and perspective to each lesson.

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Also in this episode your Video Business Success Coach - Kris Simmons - talks about dealing with burnout and his tips for overcoming it. Learn to surgically remove the stressors that lead to burnout, and take a little time off to recharge your internal batteries.

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