DCP 143: Daniel McCarthy - Music Bed

Daniel McCarthy of the Music Bed
Daniel McCarthy of the Music Bed

Daniel McCarthy, owner of Music Bed, explains the issues in selecting and licensing quality music. One the greatest artistic challenges for digital filmmakers is finding and legally using music in your video. Sorting out and making sense of the complexity of licensing music requires someone who knows the industry inside and out.

What is royalty free? What does managed rights mean? What are synchronization fees? And what about performance royalties, needle drops, BMI/ASCAP, YouTube, Vimeo, DVD's, streaming vs downloads - how do you chose the right license? What’s a filmmaker to do?

Daniel talks about how Music Bed helps filmmakers find the right song and appropriate license for their movie.

Also in this episode, the video business success coach, Kris Simmons, talks about how the power of adding a zero can help you grow your business.

Mentioned In This Episode:

Music Bed https://www.musicbed.com

Film Supply (by Music Bed): http://www.filmsupply.com

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