DCP 141: After the Contract is Signed

In this episode of the Digital Convergence Podcast:

  • RØDE Microphones has announced a new lineup of microphones and gear for the digital filmmaker - including the new RØDELink wireless system, and two new shotgun microphones: NTG4 and NTG4+.
  • A huge archive of public domain images and videos has been released by Pond5.
  • The Mighty Moog Modular synthesizer and it’s role in feature film soundtracks.
  • In the video business success segment, Kris Simmons discusses what to do after the contract is signed for your next video gig. After the initial elation of getting the deal wears off, the reality of actually doing the work sets in. Kris tells us how to make sure we get our video assignment off to a good start with our client.

UPDATE: Kris Simmons has graciously made available his template for the pre-production checklist that was mentioned in this episode. You may download it here: KRE8University Client Pre-Production Checklist.

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