DCP 136: Kris Simmons On Being A Six Figure Video Producer

Kris Simmons has been on the Digital Convergence Podcast before and joins me again to graciously share his video production business insights with you. He is the founder and president of 6 Strong Media–a video production company that helps large corporations, successful small businesses and forward-thinking non-profits build stronger organizations in Chattanooga, Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville and Birmingham.

Kris is also an international business consultant to video producers, videographers, video production companies and freelance video professionals. Since 2007, he has helped thousands of talented and passionate filmmakers become more successful as video business owners.

He is the President & CEO of KRE8 Enterprises, LLC, a company that is on a unwavering mission to become the world’s leading resource for video production and film industry business training. You can find the “world’s leading resource for video production and film industry business training” at KRE8insights. I've been a member for the last couple of years and highly recommend that if you are in the video production business that you join, too. When you join you will have access to several hours of Kris Simmons' coaching calls, a private Facebook group, and many other valuable resources (ebooks, business templates, etc.). Please join KRE8insights using my affiliate link here. A number of DCP listeners have already joined and seen their video business grow.

In this episode Kris talks about:

  • The need for video pros to actively market their services.
  • Financial planning is a must for video production businesses.
  • The benefit of having an "agency" mindset
  • The three C's to get a signed contract

Kris also talks about a new product he is releasing in the near future: Six Figure Video Producer. A hint of what is to come in this new guide: 1) mindset for success; 2) the six figure business model; 3) three types of ideal corporate clients (hint: most profitable); 4) three marketing tools to be successful; and 4) four effective ways to generate leads. That's just a sampling of the business and marketing advice that Kris plans to share in Six Figure Video Producer. Sign up today to be notified when it's available.

It's always a pleasure talking with Kris about video business. He has a way of getting you pumped up and excited about not only about the creative aspects of shooting and editing video, but also about marketing and business.

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