DCP 132: Jeff Long - Video Producer and eLearning Expert

Jeff Long | True Focus Media
Jeff Long | True Focus Media

Jeff Long comes from a family of educators so it's no surprise he has a deep love of learning. Jeff is the founder of True Focus Media–a video production, web design, and eLearning and training company.

As video producers we have the keys to the kingdom in producing profitable eLearning products.
— Jeff Long | True Focus Media

Long time listeners of the DCP know my story of how I partnered with a water damage restoration expert to create a profitable eLearning product. Jeff has done something similar. He recently created a new eLearning platform for BrainyNurses.com. Jeff partnered with Brainy Nurses founder Cynthia Liette, to create several video courses that they sell and share revenue together. He talks about how the partnership came about and how he built the platform. We also go into some of Jeff's methods for getting new business–including public speaking, networking, and creating an active web and social media presence.

Lot's of great tips from Jeff are in this episode.

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