A New Name for the Digital Convergence Podcast (213)

The Digital Convergence Podcast gets a new name: Artful Camera. In this episode I explain why I changed the name of the show and what you can expect in future episodes. It boils down to this: things change. You, the listener, has changed. And, I have changed. Further, the old name - Digital Convergence Podcast - is made up of three words that are wasted and mean little to anyone seeing the name for the first time. It doesn't really tell you anything about what the show is about.

Digital - in 2010 digital was all the rage in photography and filmmaking. People were literally dumping their old analog film gear and embracing digital cameras. Today, many photographers and filmmakers are returning to their analog roots and adding film photography back into their toolbox - myself included.

Convergence - this was a word used by early DSLR video bloggers to represent gear that had the ability to shoot both still photographs and video. In 2008 this was an exciting new thing. Today, few people use the phrase or know what it means. The most commonly used phrase I hear today is "hybrid photographer." Without understanding the historical context, it's impossible to know what this means.

Podcast - this is a wasted word. If you subscribe to this show in iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher or other platform serving up serialized audio files, well, you know it's a podcast. Podcast is the medium. It's redundant to have the word podcast in a show title. I've been embarassed to have this wasted word in my show title for a way too long. The time has come to put it to rest.

Then there's the issue of focus. I've always had a hard time with focus. I wanted the DCP to be all things to everyone. As a result, the show meandered along weird places that probably didn't interest the majority of my audience. It was time to reset the show's focus. It was time to get back to what this show is about at heart: The art, craft, and business of analog and digital photography and filmmaking.


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