JIll Carver - Breaking the Force Field (6)


Jill Carver - a fine art painter based in Southwest Colorado - paints the landscape with the keen eye of an observer of nature. She paints in order to know the land.

Many painters focus on epic, sweeping vistas, stopping short of moving in closer to the subject as if they were held back by an invisible force field. Jill, on the other hand, breaks through that force field and moves the viewer in for a closer, intimate look at what others may pass by without ever noticing. By zooming into the scene, she captures the essence of the place.

Up close her paintings take on an abstract quality with rich colors, beautiful brush strokes and textures. As you pull back, her paintings resolve into a scene of contemplative beauty and thoughtfulness. Jill's paintings are a poetic expression of her deep reverence for nature and the landscape.

Jill Carver's website: http://jillcarver.com

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Composition: Understanding Line, Notan and Color, by Arthur Wesley Dow (affiliate link)

Fine Art Painter Jill Carver

Fine Art Painter Jill Carver

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