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Gàbor Svagrik is a landscape painter and instructor based in Tucson, Arizona. While adhering to the time-honored traditions and fundamentals of a long list of artists who have come before him, Gàbor readily embraces the use of technology to help design his paintings and he readily uses technology to share his knowledge of painting with other artists.

Gàbor has a passion for working with students both in person and online. He is the founder of Tucson Art Academy Online – a resource of online artist mentoring programs, community, and instructional videos. Also, along with fellow artist Phil Stark, he is a co-founder of Easel Insight. Gàbor produces podcasts and YouTube videos to help artists master the fundamentals. Not only does Gàbor teach the fundamentals of painting, he helps his students learn to use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to design good paintings.

As you listen to Gàbor Svagrik in this episode, you quickly sense that he has an intense desire to teach, educate, and inspire.

Mentioned in the show:

Svagrik Fine Art: http://svagrikfineart.com

Tucson Art Academy Online: http://www.tucsonartacademyonline.com

Easel Insight: https://www.easelinsight.com

Easel Insight Podcast: https://www.easelinsight.com/blog

Concept to Canvas Podcast: https://anchor.fm/gaborsvagrik

Gàbor Svagrik’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/svagrikart

How to Make a Painting, by Irving Shapiro (affiliate link): https://amzn.to/2TaKYZa

Artist Gàbor Svagrik

Artist Gàbor Svagrik

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