David Boyd, Jr. - Southern Impressionism (13)


David Boyd, Jr. is a Georgia-based artist who is compelled to paint Southern Impressionism.

Boyd lives in a small rural town several miles south-east of Atlanta: Newnan, Georgia. His family owns and operates their own art gallery in the beautiful old downtown square of Newnan. A very young David Boyd decided early on that he wanted to be a hired assassin, and if that did not work out–a race car driver. Fortunately, David came from a family who provided him a rich, nurturing environment that steered him towards the visual arts rather than become the next James Bond. His father–David Boyd-is a renowned illustrator known for his work for comedian Jeff Foxworthy. His mother, a school teacher, has a love for music and dance. A life of crime averted, Boyd is now one of the finest painters in the South. He’s a signature member of Oil Painters of America as well as the American Impressionist Society.

Boyd paints outdoors and is also an avid photographer. He uses plein air painting to capture a feeling, and he uses photography to capture a moment. He then takes his plein air paintings and photos to his studio and combines these into larger works.

David Boyd, Jr.

David Boyd, Jr.

Boyd says: “I was fortunate to spend many weekends with my grandparents in rural Georgia, where the woods and old rusty cars and tractors were my playground. Today, when I see the rusting memorabilia of the rural south, he feels a deep sense of nostalgia.” Boyd is compelled to paint the remnants of a different time that has long since given way to the modern world. Old cars, decaying buildings, old store front and road signs, rusting trucks and tractors become the focus of his beautiful paintings. Boyd seeks to preserve Southern American life in its current state of decay–in what he characterizes as “landscapes of rust.”

I want to acknowledge the role that the Booth Museum had in introducing me to David Boyd, Jr. and his art. In previous episodes of the Artful Painter you’ve heard me gush about the Booth Museum in Cartersville, Georgia. I’ve enjoyed many of the exhibits there, and attended workshops, demonstrations and lectures. While doing so I’ve gotten to know the Booth Art Academy Manager - Kent Mullinax. A few weeks ago he reached out to me and asked: “Do you know David Boyd, Jr.? He would be a good guest for your podcast… he’s the best in the business… you will love David. He’s a great artist and even better person."

Well, how could I possibly pass that recommendation up?

And so, in this episode of the Artful Painter, I’m happy to share with you this delightful conversation with David Boyd, Jr.

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