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Dan Young is a fine art landscape painter residing in western Colorado - a land of beautiful diverse landscapes.

Before Dan became a fine art artist, like a lot painters, he got his start in commercial illustration. His career in illustration taught him two things: 1) he drew everyday and as a result he learned to draw really well, and 2) he developed good business sense while working as a freelance illustrator. Those lessons have served him well as a fine art painter.

When selecting what to paint, Dan is keen on painting something more than just a pretty picture. He wants to evoke feelings and emotions in the viewers of his paintings. He wants the viewer to not just see the hay stacks in a Colorado field, but smell them. Not just see a snow ladened tree, but feel how cold the air is around it. Not just see a river at sunset, but feel the motion of the water. To that end, he looks for concepts and shapes and endeavors to look beyond the obvious. It’s a never ending quest, one where Dan says he is always a student.

Dan Young's website: http://www.danyoungstudio.com

Dan Young on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danyoungstudio/

Colorado-based fine art painter Dan Young

Colorado-based fine art painter Dan Young

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