Digital Convergence Episode 84: The Hollywood Master Seminar with Bruce Logan ASC

We have an awesome show for you today featuring Bruce Logan, ASC, whose body of work as a cinematographer and VFX artist includes 2001: A Space Odssey, Star Trek, Tron, The Incredible Shrinking Woman, Star Wars, Batman and many others. Joining Bruce is producer Elliott Rosenblatt, whose producer credits include the feature films The Cooler, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and The Bad Lieutenant Ports of Call New Orleans.”

Bruce Logan and Elliott Rosenblatt join Chris Fenwick, planetMitch, and I (Carl Olson) to talk about the Hollywood Master Seminar with Bruce Logan event to be held August 18 and 19, 2012, at EVS Studios. In today’s episode of the Digital Convergence Podcast, Bruce and Elliott talk about what students can expect to learn at the seminar. Though the focus is on feature films, the principles apply and scale to corporate, commercial, and event filmmaking. Since it’s a live event, students will have the opportunity to ask questions and benefit from hands-on demonstrations involving actors and gear.

We want to give special thanks Zacuto’s Steve Weiss for alerting us to this fine event and connecting us with Bruce and Elliot. As we mention in the show, we all feel Steve has made extraordinary contributions to the education of aspiring and practicing filmmakers around the world. For more information about the Hollywood Master Seminar with Bruce Logan ASC, visit Zacuto’s website.

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5 replies
  1. John
    John says:

    On my second listen. Great episode! Although I have yet to hear a bad one.If I may be annoying idea guy – now that you are on WP may I suggest two plugins.SharePresshttp://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/sharepress/

    and Facebook for commentshttp://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/fatpanda-facebook-comments/

    Anyway, just some ideas. I use both and love them.


    • Carl Olson
      Carl Olson says:

      Great suggestions on the plugins. I’ll investigate tomorrow. Thanks for you kind words about the podcast. And your suggestions are not annoying :)

  2. James B
    James B says:

    No doubt a great value, but a shame this event couldn’t be streamed live and or recorded for future viewing/purchase in the manner of the great Gale Tattersall and Vince Laforet seminars on createlive.com

  3. Greg Dixon
    Greg Dixon says:

    Hi Carl, this was a great episode. Great job on getting Bruce and Co on the podcast. It was amazing! Great move asking Bruce about distribution and the difference between Indie and Studio productions. These would make great topics for the podcast. Insight into the bigger picture would be very helpful.The image links in the show-notes above however seem problematic? One takes me to Zacuto, the other to a ‘page not found’. Is it just me?

    I’m an Aussie based in Singapore. I produce content (yeah mostly DSLR) and run corporate TV and video production for our company (my day job) covering the APAC region. Your podcast hits it out of the park for us every time. Having Mitch and Chris for the Crumplepop foley is useful as well ;-) Seriously though, brilliant show gentlemen: Thank you. Greg

    • Carl Olson
      Carl Olson says:

      Hi, Greg! The event page had a limited lifespan for registration so hence the page not found. Awesome to hear from you all the way from Singapore! Thank you so much for listening to the show.


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