DCP 127: The Story Will Reveal Itself

The editing process is the lead topic of conversation between Chris Fenwick and myself. We talk about getting natural results in interviews while preserving the essence of the interviewee’s personality and speech patterns. We also talk about money, missing deadlines, and the false economy of hiring cheap.  Finally, we talk about new media and how my brother is making money on YouTube with adsense as a Lego expert.

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Links from this episode:

Joseph Olson’s BriskTsar YouTube channel

Edit Button 2.0 Review by Cooper Kingston / Grog Movies

Scott Simmons on the FCPX Grill

Griffin Technology NA16029 PowerMate USB Multimedia Controller (affiliate link)

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  1. jedifarce
    jedifarce says:

    Its awesome you guys are back doing the podcast. However you were wrong about camcorders being a “thing of the past.” Check out the specs on this new panasonic camcorder and tell us what you think.

    I was thinking of purchasing the black magic cinema camera 4k, but with this new camera from panasonic it may be a game changer for black magic and sonys FS700’s.!ylKnF


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